District Board of Commissioners

The oversight for the District is the Board of Commission, who is appointed by the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board from our member communities. Their authority is identified under the Massachusetts general law Chapter 252. The Commissioner's include;

Jack Morris (Chairman):

Jack Morris is currently the Director of Public Health for the Salisbury regional Health Department. Prior to this, he was the former Director of Public Health in Newburyport.

Morris has a degree in Political Science and a degree in Environmental Technology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has been in the public health field for 30 years and holds the following licenses and certifications:

  • Mass. Certified Health Officer
  • Mass. Certified Soil Evaluator
  • Mass, Certified Title 5 Inspector
  • Certified Pool Operator
  • Certified Food Inspector
  • Mass Notary public
  • Mass. Justice of the Peace

Morris became involved in public health as a Board of Health member in his home town and obtained a second degree in Environmental Technology and pursued a new career in Public Health. He enjoys the numerous fields in public health, and the importance of the work done by many public health officials.

Vincent J. Russo, MD, MPH:

Now a retired General Surgeon from Merrimack Valley practice, Vincent Russo is an active and passionate member of the community. Russo attended Columbia University, AB and Boston University, MD, MPH

Below are the following achievements and involvements:

  • Merrimack River Beach Alliance (MRBA)
  • Chief of Surgery at Anna Jaques and Amesbury Hospitals.
  • Medical Staff President at Anna Jaques Hospital
  • Massachusetts Medical Society Trustee
  • President of Essex North Medical Society
  • Board of Directors for Newburyport Red Cross
  • Lt. Colonel US Army Medical Corps – Desert Storm
  • Lt. Commander, US Navy Medical Corps – USS Forrestal

Paul Sevigny:

Paul Sevigny has been a Health Agent for the town of West Newbury for the past 14 years. Sevigny is the Town’s representative to the Northeast Regional Public Health Coalition (Region 3A); and Board of Health’s representative to the West Newbury Emergency Management Agency. Sevigny is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Registered Sanitarians.

Prior to taking the position as Health Agent, Sevigny worked for a local engineering firm as their Wetland Scientist. Sevigny has a Bachelor’s Degree in Soil Science, with a minor in Plant Biology, from the University of New Hampshire. 

He holds the following licenses and certifications:

  • Registered Sanitarian (RS)
  • Certified Health Officer (CHO)
  • Grade 3M Certified  Wastewater Treatment Operator (State of Massachusetts)
  • Certified Soil Evaluator (State of Massachusetts)
  • Certified Septic System Inspector (State of Massachusetts)
  • Certified Food Manager
  • Certified Housing Inspector
  • Certified Septic Designer and Installer (State of New Hampshire)
  • Certified Wetland Scientist (State of New Hampshire) 

Rosemary Decie:

Rosemary Decie has been a Health Agent for several towns on the North Shore for over 20 years. In addition, was employed by MA DEP and was an instructor in the MA Certification for Soil Evaluators and Title 5 System Inspectors for 12 years. Currently is a self-employed consultant to municipalities. As well as a current member of the MA Board of Registered Sanitarians and Northeast Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District.

Decie has a BS in Environmental Geography from Salem State University and additional soil and Wetland courses at UNH. She has volunteered as a Subject Matter Expert for NEHA's development of a   National Exam for Septic System Installers. Also, has provided technical assistance for the Development of a National Training Program on Septic Systems. She was a member of the Title 5 Roundtable overseeing updates and revisions to the MA Regulations 310 CMR 15.000

She holds the following licenses and certifications:

  • MA Registered Sanitarian
  • NE Soil Scientist
  • NH Wetland Scientist
  • MA Soil Evaluator
  • Housing Inspector
  • Food Safety Manager
  • Paralegal

Joseph T. Giarrusso