Our Staff

Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District (NEMMC) is a state agency created to control disease-transmitting and pestiferous mosquitos in an effective and environmentally friendly way. NEMMC works closely with the Department of Public Health to insure an early detection, warning and response system is in place for the district.

The staff is made up of trained, licensed, and knowledgeable individuals, some of whom have spent their life work with mosquito control, with decades of experience. The staff is divided into four areas of expertise; Field Operations, Wetlands Management, Surveillance/Entomology, and Biology.

Employees hold a Commercial Applicator (Core) Pesticide License, and are requested to obtain their Category 47 Pesticide License, which specialized in mosquito and biting fly control, as well as public health. Field Technicians continue their training by participating in the Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education, in which license holders expand their professional knowledge to make them a more valuable applicator. The Division of Crop and Pest Management in the Department of Agriculture Resources require license holders to complete a minimum number of continuing education contact hours or credits within a three-year certification period.


District Staff


Barry Noone

Kimberly Foss

Robyn Januszewski

Ross Mehaffey

Kelsey Liakos

Andrew Sheehan

Jake Greaney

Katelynn King

Jennifer Sforza

Acting District Director


Biologist/ IT Coordinator

Field Technician

Field Technician

Field Technician

Field Technician

Wetlands Coordinator

Administrative Assistant