When larviciding is not an option, adulticiding applications may be necessary to reduce the risk of WNV and EEE infections. Adulticiding is the application of an insecticide to reduce adult mosquito populations. The District may recommend selective or targeted adulticiding applications when WNV or EEE- infected mosquitos are discovered. Adulticiding or “truck spraying” is done by the means of a pick-up truck, mounted with an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) aerosol generator (sprayer). Adulticiding is a temporary control over the flying mosquitos and will knock down mosquito populations that could potentially be carrying virus.

When adulticiding by truck; our field technicians are equipped with an array of technical data that aids them in their application. This includes, current GIS mapping systems, registered ‘Spray Exemptions’, and specifics relative to each property. The product is emitted in microns from the ULV sprayer and is applied after sunset. The mist expands up to 300 feet while the truck travels down the road. This is a quick application to kill the current flying mosquitos only, and does not leave a residual. We record our route, materials used, quantity and location.

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