Source Reduction

Sanitation  |  Clean-ups  |  Tire Removal

District Wetlands Management Projects all meet the definition of source (mosquito habitat) reduction. The term used here refers to the removal and proper disposal of abandoned artificial containers. The control of container habitat is essential in reducing vector species (Culex) that contribute to the amplification and spread of West Nile Virus. Source reduction efforts described below occur in conjunction with wetlands projects or sometimes as stand-alone projects.

garbage in creek



District Field Technicians bag all plastic jugs, buckets, planter pots and saucers, lids, children’s toys, and tarps, etc. found within wetlands management project limits. Bagged items are then disposed of in a proper location. Larger containers such as trash cans and abandoned white goods may be over-turned (empty water out) and/or identified for eventual removal. This service should not be confused with broad area roadside cleaning.

garbage bag at roadside

garbage bag at roadside

garbage in a ditch

garbage bag and garbage in the woods

garbage bag at roadside

Examples of container habitat and sanitation efforts around the District’s territory


The District has participated in multiple Clean-up events, assisting with larger item removals. Clean-up is almost always more productive with the appropriate equipment. These community events can be an effective way to provide outreach and mosquito education to District municipal members while simultaneously reducing vector species habitat.

removal of garbage from wooded area- Clean-up at fresh water marsh - Revere

Clean-up at fresh water marsh - Revere

truck loaded with garbage tires and debris - Clean-up at fresh water marsh - Revere

Clean-up at fresh water marsh - Revere

metal shopping cart in pond before being pulled out - Salem

Shopping Cart pulled from ditch - Salem

Tire Removal

Abandoned tires often support vector mosquito species development.  The District’s tire removal program provides for the proper disposal of dumped tires through service requests, petitioned wetland management projects, coordinated clean-ups and in some cases participation in Household Hazardous Waste Day Events.

Groveland Tire Removal ~ During

tires in woods - Groveland

tires filling back of pickup truck - Groveland

people and pile of tires next to pickup truck full of tires - Groveland

tires sticking out of leaves in woods - Groveland

Groveland Tire Removal ~ Before

same leaves in wooded area without tires - Groveland

Groveland Tire Removal ~ After