Program Partnerships

The District frequently works in partnership with municipal departments, regulatory agencies or non-profit organizations to increase ecological benefits, efficiency and effectiveness of Wetlands Management Projects. Wetlands management partnerships have provided opportunities to; increase mosquito control awareness and incorporate mosquito control strategies across a broader base. Partnered projects have led to; expansion of District knowledge for new techniques; assistance in research relevant to resiliency and impact; increased hydrologic capacity and connectivity; and improvement of wetland function and biodiversity.

Petitioning for a Project
The District implements Wetland Management Projects by “petition” throughout Essex County in District member communities including Winthrop and Revere.

A petition is a formal written appeal on agency/department letterhead. The petition initiates District inspection and evaluation of a specified location identified by the petitioner as an area with mosquito control concerns and/or complaints of stagnant or flooding water. A “petitioning body” or representative from federal, state, municipal agencies and stakeholders may petition for a wetland management project on behalf of District member municipalities. See “Policy and Procedure for Mechanized Wetland Management”.