Spray Requests

If you reside in a town that allows property pesticide applicaiton, and would like a formal request, call our office at (978) 352-2811. Please include your name, town, address, phone number, and other additional comments.

Residents may request a street spray ONLY in the municipalities allowing resident requests for adulticiding. Please check your towns list of services on our web site prior to calling. No exceptions.

The following towns in 2018 allow residents to call in a spray request: 

  • Salisbury
  • Amesbury
  • Merrimac
  • Newbury/Byfield
  • Groveland
  • Lynnfield
  • Peabody
  • Revere
  • Georgetown
  • Lynn

If you reside in a town that allows steet spraying and want to make a formal request, please refer to the following bulleted items before calling.

  • Adulticide street sprays will NOT be performed when temperatures drop below 55 degrees F or in inclement weather. Please be sure to call again to reschedule.
  • Please call to request a spray ONLY if there are mosquitoes out flying at your residence. The adulticide product used (Zenivex E4 RTU) is for the quick knockdown of mosquitoes out flying on the night sprayed. This product is not residual, long term or for the prevention of future mosquitoes if none are present.

  • Our equipment is a truck mounted Ultra Low Volume sprayer, not a backpack. The spray expands 300ft in either direction of the sprayer.

  • Our vehicles are ONLY permitted on public roads and right-of-ways. We will not drive on lawns or spray backyards.

  • Adulticide street sprays are completed between ½ hour after sunset and midnight on Thursday nights.

  • Residents requesting a street spray must call our office by Wednesday 12:00 noon to be added to the current week’s list. Calls can be made to us during office hours (7 am -3:30pm) or left on our automated voice message service. We need your name, full street address, town and phone number.

  • Residents requesting a street spray must call for their own property ONLY.

  • Please notify all members of your household after scheduling a street spray.

  • Please keep pets and children indoors during the hours of the spray. Air conditioners left on are ok. Close windows on the street side.

To learn more about property pesticide application, visit our Adulticiding page.

To learn more about the pesticide products we use, visit our Mosquito Control Products page