Follow to link below to request your property be excluded from wide area pesticide application

Exclusions from Wide Area Pesticides Application

Residents who request their property be excluded from all pesticide applications (including larvicide as well as adulticide) must comply with the legal process to exempt their property (333 CMR Section 13.03), individuals may request exclusion from wide area applications of pesticides.  This includes applications performed by the Mosquito Control Project/District that may provide services in your city/town. Requests must be made to the Department of Agricultural Resources in accordance with 333 CMR 13.03 and will go into effect fourteen (14) days from the date the request is received by the departments. All exclusion requests expire on December 31st of the calendar year in which it was made.  The exclusion request may be accessed from either our districts website or directly from the Department of Agricultural website (the site links will be updated when we receive notification from DAR).


  • No public property can be excluded
  • Condo or apartment building unit owners/tenants who request an exclusion will be honored. However, if another unit owner/tenant requests a pesticide application on the same property, that request takes precedence over the pesticide exclusion.
  • The Larvicide Exclusion only applies if the larvicide area is one acre or more.  

Exclusion FAQ