List of NEMMC services for Nahant:

  • General Operational Cost Share
  • Regional Adult Mosquito Surveillance Program
  • Regional Vector / Virus Intervention
  • Surveillance
  • Ground Larviciding
  • Catch Basin Treatments
  • Manual Ditch Maintenance
  • Adulticiding (Virus Intervention ONLY with Board of Health approval)

Exception: Additional preemptive adulticiding added to Nahant BMP for 2018: Spray in the late Spring and Summer the areas around the Golf Course (Kelley Greens at Nahant), Lowlands – Heritage Trail, Flash Road recreation area, Baileys Hill Park, and the Furbush Sanctuary, to the extent allowed. Scheduling of this treatment shall be determined through NEMMC surveillance of mosquitoes from traps in Nahant.

  • Barrier Treatment (By Board of Health and School Department request only)
  • Ditch Maintenance / Wetlands Management
  • Tire Recycling Program
  • Property Inspections
  • Mosquito Habitat Mitigation
  • Research and Development
  • Education and Outreach
  • Social Media

Board of Health: John Coulon
344 Nahant Road, Nahant MA
Phone: 781-581-0088
Nahant Board of Health Website

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